Finding the Right Supplier 101: Why You Need It and How Can You Find One

When running an international business, there are tons of things that We have to consider as business owners knowing that We have to deal with parties We have not known before. Especially in the trading business, we must really understand all aspects so that we do not get tangled in some sticky situations in the future. 

As we have run a furniture and home decoration business for several years since 2017, We feel that this should be known and understood by those who want to run an international business, especially in the field of furniture and home decoration.

Just as We write in this article’s title, doing international business is mainly about finding the right supplier for your business. Yes, finding buyers for your business is unarguably important, but here’s the thing. We can’t give the best for our buyers without the best supplier. It would be a tremendous loss for our business if we couldn’t find one. For sure.  So, how can we find the best supplier for our business? We will mention some important points that we hope could help you to find your supplier.

  1. Provides Exclusive Designs with Strong Design Privacy and Security

Many good suppliers have a team for designing and developing their products. They have their own exclusive designs which will surely be your designs when you decide to collaborate with them. They will ensure that the design you choose will not be sold to other parties. This can strengthen your position in the market when selling your products. If you have your own designs, they will make sure that your designs are safe from imitators at least until your item hits the market. A good supplier can guarantee that your design is safe as long as it is within the scope of their responsibility. You can also bring a legal approval letter explaining the penalties to prevent your design from being sold by them.

  1. Experienced with Short Lead Time and High Production Capacity

As we do international business, we want to have a strong supply of goods with short lead times. In general, you need to find suppliers that have at least 5 years of experience or newly established suppliers that would take legal agreement letters to make sure they’re responsible of your projects. Good suppliers take a little more time for the first order and faster for later orders. You have to find a strong supplier who can produce your goods in large quantities.

  1. They are Open for Negotiation and Happy for Your Visit

Responsible suppliers need to be open about pricing and negotiation, they will be happy to discuss this with you. They won’t mind having a visit from you whether at their office, warehouse or production site. they are happy to receive you and give you access to get to know them better as business partners. 

Since 2017, we at Unity Craftindo have always held on to the values that we feel are needed to be a good supplier. If you want to know us more, discuss your designs and projects, or get our products catalog, feel free to contact us here!

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