Finishings and Combinations

Making rattan furniture and decorations, we’re not only talking about making the constructions and designs. Yes, those two points are the most crucial thing in making the best quality products, but we couldn’t go anywhere without giving the best finishings and combinations for your products. 

We’ll start with the combinations first. Besides its flexibility structure, rattan is also known for its flexibility and endless range of combinations. From metal, ropes, wood, natural fibres, plastic, and many other materials, rattan goods have a great versatility in creating a whole new product when combined with other materials. Combining two or more materials takes a deep understanding of the nature of the materials itself, and a strong creativity. In our company, we love to discuss with our clients about their preference and their goals on producing their products. After the combinations are decided, we’re ready to take the final touch of the process. The finishing.

Finishings could mean everything for our products. Is it supposed to look rustic? Classic? Or is it going to be used on seasonal themes? Finishings could give a vast variation of looks for our products. There are so many types of treatments and finishes in making rattan products like washed, semi washed, and finishes like water-based, nitrocellulose lacquer, melamine, and many more. In Unity Craftindo, we always listen to our clients’ needs and continue to propose the best and the most suitable options in every crucial decision, including the finishing process.

We give a strict supervision on each process on the finishing, making sure the products are sanded right, painted in the right tone, coated at least three times to make sure the products are smooth and ready to reach their new home, and every specific little detail about your products. 

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