Made from Imagination, Create Happiness

If you’re reading this, we bet you’re already aware that this writing title is coming straight from our company motto.  Although this writing looks normal and may have a similar impression with hundreds of thousands of other mottos out there, we believe that it’s special for us (especially because we made it). So, what’s actually the story behind our motto? Why do we believe in imagination and inspire to give greater happiness?

Let’s take a leap back in our childhood when we spent our days playing with our favourite friends or siblings, maybe imagining ourselves as pirates (or other cool jobs). We made tons of pirate stuff back then with simple materials, and we believe that stuff looked pretty good to us, at least for that time. Imagination may not be able to create things from nothing, but it allows us to see the potential, and process it to be a wonderful creation.

For us, letting our imagination run free means that we’re opening the whole new gate of opportunities for us and future generations. Living in developing countries, many people lost their imagination due to the demands made by the society about “how to live a better life” and drive many of us to just follow the flow. For us, believing in our own imaginations would give a free mind for people to follow everything that they want to achieve in their life.

In all our works, we always put our imagination first. Listening to your ideas, processing the ideas and combining it with our own to bring the best result possible. We are always satisfied and happy to work on our projects however difficult, combined imagination always brings happiness in our hearts.

We hope we could collaborate our imaginations with you, to make the best result, create bigger smiles, and build a happier life. Let’s do this together.

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