Ready to Collaborate with Us?

Congratulations! You’re finally here! Before we celebrate this, there are some things that would help you through the procedures on collaborating with us and achieve many great things together. 

Getting your products manufactured for the first time always makes our hearts beat faster, and either do yours. Yes, maybe it’s great for cardiovascular health, but we also want to avoid the potency of getting a heart attack. So, here’s some procedures that we’re going to get through in having a collaboration:   

  1. Contact Us About Your Request

Feel free to contact us anytime via our website, email, or our Whatsapp number. Our team is ready 24/7 and will respond to your questions as soon as possible. You can give us the details of the product you want to produce or choose the designs from our collections. 

  1. Online Consultation

After getting the general information about your requests, we will proceed to have a more detailed discussion with you regarding the products like the materials used, the finishings, colorations, combinations, documents, payments, et cetera. We could send some samples of your requested products for you to check. Ask us all the questions about the information needed from your side, we’ll be more than happy to assist you. 

  1. Price Negotiation

Negotiation is always an interesting part of having a business. Our products prices are surely negotiable, but our quality is not. We could help you to get the best result for your projects and give the best solutions about the budget, materials, finishings, et cetera. We’ll make sure to give you the best of your products with the best price possible

  1. Payment and Production Process

After we agreed on the negotiated price, we’ll proceed to the payment process. We usually take the 30% down payment and the rest against the documents. But you can ask us for more options about the payment for your projects. As for the production, new designs would take longer (60-75 days) since we work with many crafters and we have to make sure that our products are well-built. For the repeated design order, we could manage to produce 10 x 40 feet high cube containers per- month.

  1. Sending Your Products

After we finish all your products, we’ll send the proof of the finished products. In this stage, we’ll be waiting for you to finish the payment before we send the documents to get your products. The logistic term could be FOB, CNF, or CIF regarding your needs. 

That’s all about the procedures on collaborating with Unity Craftindo. If there’s some questions regarding our company or anything, please open the FAQ on our contact page or you can contact us directly. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

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