The Greatest Collaboration: Human, Nature, and Imagination

Since the 16th or 18th century, our society has been continuously exposed to the idea of “The New World”, “Globalization”, or “Modernization” that started from European countries, and spread throughout every corner of the globe. This idea is indeed having many good things that drive us to improve our technology, science, and many other aspects to ensure a better future for generations ahead. 

In this part of this article, some of you might predict that this article would talk about “But, modernization has a bad side effect too”. No, we’re not going to talk about that since we believe all of us surely understand how it affects our life. We’ll discuss more about how we express our longing for the simple nature which of course through our works.

Arcala, Jaffer, Reban, Gala, Ginko.

  1. Arcala

Arcala means mountain in Sanskrit. Some of us might live our childhood in the suburbs and then move to bigger cities. If you are still living in or near the suburbs, we envy you. As an Indonesian, we love mountains rather than having a grey coloured sky with scorching sun in big cities. Many of us spend their weekend at nearby mountains though it could be unbelievably crowded and the not crowded ones are active volcanoes…that’s definitely a hard choice. In creating the Arcala collection, we hope that we could remind us about our memories about mountains, especially the good ones with our Arcala Collection

  1. Jaffer 

Jaffer or river in Sanskrit. Talking about rivers, nearly all cities in Indonesia have rivers. However, in big cities (again) the river is way too far to the fresh, clean river in our mind. Jaffer collection is meant to remind us to be grateful for the free-flowing river that nourishes everything along the way. We want Jaffer Collection to nourish homes through its design. 

  1. Reban

Reban is a Sanskrit language of cage. But this cage we meant, not entirely means the cage to limit or trap living beings. Reban has a deeper meaning since we are inspired by cages and fences that are meant to protect and give a safe place to stay. In Indonesia, many people raise their singing birds from hatchlings and provide them with a nice and large cage. The singing bid competition colours our weekend morning as one of our traditions. Since many people are now aware of the freedom of our feathered fellows, we hope that the Reban Collection could keep just the memories alive.

  1. Gala 

Gala, or well-built in Sanskrit. We have many old buildings left by the Dutch colonialism in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta (or they called it Batavia back then). Behind the long story of our road to independence, there is something intriguing about the technology they left for us. Their buildings stand still, their railway works well after centuries that are truly a product beyond our imagination in the past. Those buildings have become so many backgrounds for some of us. And now, inspired by the brick structure from one of the buildings in old Batavia, we hope Gala could give the sense of safety from well-built goods.

  1. Ginko

Ginko, it’s definitely not coming from Sanskrit. We’re inspired from a type of tree that thrives throughout millennia that we hope every good thing in our lives could be everlasting. We don’t have Ginko trees in Indonesia, we’re surrounded by mango and papaya trees that definitely didn’t have cool historical background like Ginko. Sorry. Anyway, we see Ginko trees that always overcome everything in life, and we hope our Ginko Collection could remind us of the long-live Ginko trees.

Though our collection’s stories are not-so-fancy and some of it even couldn’t be translated to Sanskrit to match with other collections, we see these things as special things in life. A life full of irregularities, unpredictable events, and many memorable surprises. We want you to join our adventure and take on a new journey ahead!

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