What Makes Rattan So Good?

Before jumping into our deeper talks about rattan and all its qualities, we need to tell you the rattan history from our side. More exactly, knowing it from the hard way. Living in Asian country makes us have a lot of memories with rattan from rattan furniture, decorations, and many more. Rattan has a lot of purpose due to its strength and usability. It grows in large numbers in tropical Asian countries like Indonesia, spreading through our forests. 

There are many rumours about rattan out there that we found to be a bit faulty. Questions like: “Could rattan stand the coastal environment?”, “Will its flexibility last for years?”, and many other questions regarding this magnificent material, we’ll talk about it in this article.

  1. Rattan’s flexibility

Rattan is a kind of vines that grows in the forest, spreading through the forest’s land and trees to thrive. Therefore, flexibility is one of the natures of the rattan itself. In making rattan furniture and decorations, you could use nearly the full capacity of your imagination. You could bend it, wrap it, weave it, according to your desires. The form and flexibility would stand for decades remembering it’s coming from the natural structure of the materials itself. Some of our rattan furniture is still going strong for more than 30 years!

  1. Rattan’s durability

Talking about rattan’s durability and its capability to handle damp and salty areas, we’re definitely talking about choosing the right type of rattan materials. There are many species of rattan plants that are used regarding its nature. For example, if you’re about to use it in coastal areas, we would recommend you to choose Manau rattan. If you’re going to use it indoors, you could use kooboo, tohiti, and many other rattan species that would do just well in indoor areas away from the sun’s exposure. Feel free to ask us anytime about the best rattan materials for your goods, we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

  1. Rattan’s looks 

Using the materials provided by mother nature would surely bring a natural and warm mood into the spaces where they’re placed. Rattan could look very natural and warm, or spark a more modern look with some treatment and finishings. We could help you to achieve the look you want to have with your goods, it’s just a click away to discuss it with us.

Beside all the goodness of the rattan, please be aware about the rattan materials quality since it could differ from one to another makers. In Unity Craftindo, we didn’t compromise with quality and always used our best materials curated to make our goods. We also have other materials like wood and natural fibres other than our rattan collections, please feel free to reach us anytime if you have any questions!

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